Ongoing Impact

 The SWAY Collective is an annual membership that is a continual investment in your personal and professional growth. It's not just a community you're joining; it's a circle of influence and expertise that will fuel your journey toward becoming a standout thought leader, year after year.


Growth Platform

The SWAY Collective is a unique blend of learning, doing, and connecting. From monthly deep-dive sessions and live 'Office Hours' to a vibrant Slack community and exclusive guest expert insights, every aspect is designed to elevate your influence and impact.

Actionable and Practical

SWAY transforms overwhelming ideas into manageable, actionable steps. It's tailored for those ready to move from ideation to action, offering practical tools and strategies to navigate the complexities of personal branding and digital influence.

The SWAY Collective: Unleashing Influence, Fostering Thought Leadership

An intentional personal brand fueled by thought leadership is the cornerstone of success in today's market, especially for those with something to sell or influence to wield.

The SWAY Collective emerges as a beacon for those tired of the Groundhog Day syndrome in their professional lives – those with brilliant ideas but overwhelmed by the execution. It's a call to action for those ready to transition from thought thinkers to thought leaders.

The SWAY Collective is more than a membership community; it's a dynamic fusion of learning and doing. It's a year-long journey of monthly deep dives into critical aspects of personal branding fueled by thought leadership, from leveraging the latest digital tools to mastering sales strategies in a hybrid world. It's about transforming overwhelming ideas into manageable, actionable steps, all within a supportive and vibrant community.

SWAY is for the misfits, the wildcards, the introverts with big ideas, and the loud-mouthed salespeople. It's for purpose-driven professionals who cherish the marketplace and are ready to unleash their influence. Whether you're an entrepreneur or an employee within an organization, SWAY is your platform to build a robust thought leadership strategy.


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