Confident Podcast Launch

Gain the skills and knowledge to confidently launch a podcast and establish a powerful tool for your business.

Build Influence and Community

Learn the secrets to building influence and growing a community through podcasting.

Monetize Your Podcast

Understand the steps to using your podcast to support your business and sales strategy. And how it can lead to business growth and increased revenue.

Podcasting Per Chance?

Doug Sandler from Turnkey Podcast Production joins the SWAY Collective community to discuss podcasting - the why, what, who, how and now! A great overview.


Podcast Launch Cohort: Q&A

Doug has gracious offered the chance for us to join together as a group to launch our podcasts together. This session was offered as a Q&A time.


The clock is NOW TICKING! To be part of this transformative experience, you must commit by NOVEMBER 28 with a resounding yes, so that we can move forward and determine the full size of the cohort.

A deposit of $1,500 will be due and payable to Turnkey Podcast Productions on December 1. The balance due will be based upon the number of folks in the cohort.

Know someone that wants to pod outside of the SWAY Collective?! Totally cool! Invite them along. The more the merrier.









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